How to Practice Voodoo

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The practice of Voodoo is something that is seldom discussed. It’s not a surprise that as a result, people who want to do Voodoo on their own have no idea where to start. Even though the Internet provides some data, there is substantially more in the Voodoo history which is gone down through oral traditions. In case you’re interested in attempting to practice some Voodoo spells of your own, this is an introduction to the best way to do Voodoo.

How to Use Voodoo Dolls Properly in Spells

Voodoo dolls are a common practice in the Voodoo tradition.  These dolls are meant to represent people whose energy you want to affect.  For example, if you want to bring someone into your life, you might create a Voodoo doll and then place that doll in your bedroom to attract their energy.  If you want to put someone out of your life, you might take the doll and give it away or unwrap it to release their energy from your life.  Remember, the Voodoo doll is a sacred object, one which is connected to the person it is supposed to represent.  If you are not careful with this doll, you may cause harm to the other person.  You need to be careful with the doll, using it only as you intended, and then letting it go when the spell works.  Unraveling the doll is the way to release the energy of the spell and to release that persons’ energy from your control.

Situations When Voodoo Practice Goes Wrong

Some people have seen the images of Voodoo dolls in the media and think they can hurt others by jabbing pins into the dolls.  The truth?  These sorts of actions can hurt the other person, especially when the connection between the doll and the person is strong.  However, this is not the true purpose of Voodoo dolls. The dolls are meant to help you in your spell working, not to hurt others.  It will be best if you take some time to think carefully before connecting the doll to someone else.  If you are at all concerned you might harm the doll in anger or frustration, you might want to look into other spiritual practices.

With Voodoo, you can change your life for the better and help to remove obstacles from your path.  Hurting others, while it is possible in Voodoo as in any practice, is not the true form of Voodoo.  Instead, you want to look at how you can use the support of the deities to promote good energy, to attract good things into your life.  Being negative in your spell workings only encourages negative things to come your way.