Benefits of Spiritual Cleansing

Benefits of Spiritual Cleansing: Throughout the magic spells teachings, what we come to learn is that positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. We are also taught that one of the major principles of spellcasting is that we are responsible for our behavior and, as a consequence, ultimately accountable for our quality of life and destiny. Whether it is in this life or the next, if you practice any kind of magic spells then you must have faith in being responsible for your destiny while using these spiritual cleansing spells.


For example, if you acted badly in a previous life then the Karma may be carried over into your current existence. You may appear, to be experiencing negativity when you were not the direct cause of the problem. You might also have reacted badly to some situations many years ago and attracted negativity which damaged your aura. These might have been situations that you now deeply regret, but still, we know that negativity attracts more negativity and that one experience might now have dulled your aura to the point no positivity can get through.

Collecting Negativity

There are many reasons which might result in our collecting negativity and being unable to escape from the clutches of previous, and often regrettable, actions. And, in some cases, our lives are so blighted it feels like we will never escape the clutches of an all-consuming sense of doom and pessimism. But this is why it is essential not simply to be honest with yourself, but also to do so while having your aura, or Karma, cleansed.

In such cases, the Spell to Remove Spiritual Blockages is very helpful.

Purification Spells

Purification Spells in general can help restore the quality of your spirituality. You can target specific areas, such as Karma if you believe you have misbehaved or realize that the actions of a previous incarnation have resulted in your paying the price. You can also have negativity removed if you know or even suspect that a curse, spell, or hex has been directed at you, but all have to be undertaken in the knowledge that you either regret your previous actions and that you will be critically self-governing in your behavior in the future. Click here for our Curse Removal Spell.

Cleansing your spiritual path can be done by several methods. You might wish to cleanse your Karma and more particularly if you feel that you have acted with moral integrity in this life and so suspect you might have inherited negative Karma from a previous incarnation. Others wish to cleanse their Aura in general. Maybe they have attracted negativity through a pessimistic outlook and poor attitude in the past.

Maybe they are certain that some more recent events have damaged their aura and wish to rectify matters immediately to prevent further negativity from being drawn in. Another way you can attract and remove negativity is simply to be the target of a curse, hex, or jinx. In this context then we have a specific spell designed to neutralize the energies and, if you wish, send them back toward the original caster.

Purification Spells in general or Negative Energy Removal Spells can assist in restoring synchronicity to your spirituality when you are uncertain as to the source of your problems. But, remember, whichever spell you choose for it to be fully successful according to Wiccan principles you must act in a moral capacity in the future.

spiritual cleansing methods and rituals

When our energy grows old and stagnant or we take on the energy of others, it creates undesirable behaviors and patterns hence where a spiritual cleanse comes in—so how do we do it?

Cleansing crystals

Crystals come from the earth, so when we work with them, they can connect us to the planet’s healing and grounding energy.” And some crystals are better suited for cleansing than others:

  • Selenite: “Selenite crystals are thought to absorb negative energy, and they are commonly used for protection,” according to Askinosie.
  • Smoky quartz: This stone is known for its cleansing properties of electromagnetic and negative energy. Askinosie suggests meditating with smoky quartz to help identify and release stale stories and beliefs.
  • Lepidolite: For those who need extra help cleansing their mind of cyclical and negative thoughts, lepidolite is the go-to gem.

Mantras like Prof. Jabu

Mantras have been used for thousands of years to overcome obstacles and expand consciousness. Research shows that traditional mantras (those made of sacred sounds and/or Sanskrit) have a positive impact on mental and emotional well-being, which we can harness through practices like Vedic meditation, or another form of mantra meditation known as Prof. Jabu.

Spiritual baths

A spiritual cleansing bath can help us purify on both physical and subtle levels. A healing soak soothes sore muscles by relieving lactic acid but also sets an overarching tone of deep relaxation.

And if you want to further elevate your bath ritual, Prof. Jabu has many types of cleansing baths with different herbs to help detoxify our system depending on our doshas—which can be very balancing.